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darkelfgrl's Journal

Deviously Devious
20 December 1983
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The name is Jenny. I've recently graduated with a Bachelor degree in Psychology. I'm pretty much an all around geek. I have love for horror/thriller/slasher movies. I also have a love for the supernatural genre, whether it be books, TV, or movies. Music is a big love of mine and you can find me listening to classic rock and/or metal. I really kind of have a serious addiction to coffee/caffeine and I'm not the nicest person in the world if I haven't had any. I have a gross and filthy sense of humor that can rival that of some boys. On top of all of that, I'm often just a lazy ass in front of my computer or on my bed enjoying my immense and ever growing collection of movies. The things you'll find in this journal are complete randomness, fangirliness, perviness and drooling over pretties, and often some ranting. Enter at your own risk.

Some of my fandoms are:
→Destination Truth
→The Boondock Saints
→The Big Bang Theory
→The Prince of Tennis (anime)
→Bleach (anime)
→Kuroshitsuji (anime)
→Pandora Hearts (anime)
→Criminal Minds
→Law and Order: Criminal Intent
→Harry Potter
→Lord of the Rings

Support love.

Bisexuality is Real.

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